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Connect With Nature


13 November, 2019
United Arab Emirates


The NBF trail run  follows the 11 km scenic route through the mountains. The natural trail will go through lakes and wadis which makes it an enjoyable workout for hardcore runners and a great opportunity to connect with nature for casual runners! The race will take place in the emirate of Fujairah on the 22nd of November.    

A team from Emirates Nature - WWF will be participating in the trail run as a part of the "Connect With Nature" movement which aims to enlighten and educate the youth about the importance of nature and preserving it. To protect the environment, this new generation must cultivate a genuine passion for the UAE’s natural heritage by spending time connecting with the extraordinary habitats and species of the nation. By participating in outreach activities and events, we can create a new appreciation for nature and biodiversity. 

All donations raised through this event will contribute towards supporting Emirates Nature-WWF’s Connect With Nature movement in shaping our youth to be environmentally caring and friendly and help in preserving our natural heritage. 


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11 km NBF trail run

Connect With Nature
United Arab Emirates
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