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Natalia Hassanie

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30 July, 2019
United Arab Emirates


Breast cancer has been one of the many challenges has thrown at me back in 2014. 

After overcoming that, managing its many side effects & embracing the disease as a part of me that I needed to attend to, I have decided to start choosing my challenges.

Back in 2016 I started to run Spartan Races to raise awareness on the importance of adopting an active, healthy & happy lifestyle. After improving my race timings year after year, its time to upgrade the game & aspire for more.

This year, the challenge will be taking place on my home land back in Argentina. The journey will start from Dubai to spread my voice wider & conquer yet another tough physical challenge just to prove the power of our mental strength.

El Cruce, a trekking race joining Argentina & Chile over 100km across The Andes mountains with unique geographical frameworks in the world.

Despite being carried out during the summer, the climatic variations are enormous. Some editions have been accompanied by spectacular sunny days, with a temperature that can reach 20º. C. Others, however, face runners with truly adverse weather conditions throughout 3 days that may include cold, snow, high winds and heavy rains.

More than 2000 runners from 35 different countries participated in the last edition, a true record for a 3-day mountain race.

Fundraising for a dear cause supporting Al Jalila Foundation in their efforts behind research in the Middle East region as preventative measures agains breast cancer.


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Natalia Hassanie
United Arab Emirates
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Created30 July, 2019
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  • CDivaRun


    What a wonderful challenge to celebrate life. Good luck and happy trekking, Mrs Posetivity!

    2019-11-14 02:44:45

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