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SOS Children’s Villages International


07 May, 2019
United Arab Emirates


SOS & GE “Mount Kenya Challenge”: together giving vulnerable children a home.

"The Mount Kenya Challenge" is a joint partnership between SOS Children’s Villages International (SOS CVI) and General Electric (GE) with the goal of raising awareness and funds for orphaned and abandoned children under the care of SOS CVI.  

From 19-26 July 2019, a team of 25 GE volunteers are climbing Mount Kenya to raise funds to make a lasting impact on the lives of the children living in the SOS Villages in Lebanon and Egypt. All your donations to this campaign will be dedicated to directly benefit the educational and social integration needs of vulnerable children under the care of SOS in those countries.

Join us by making a donation to support these projects.

SOS VILLAGE IN SFERAI, LEBANON (partial sponsorship $100,000)
Promoting social cohesion and providing support to vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese Children

Donating to support the running costs of the SOS-family houses in Sferai will ensure both vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese children are raised in loving, caring families with opportunities for their future.

Project Details
There are approximately 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, of which 54.7% are children below the age of 18 years. SOS Children’s Villages provided emergency rehabilitation support to unaccompanied Syrian refugee children in Lebanon who had suffered high levels of neglect, abuse and malnutrition. Most were eventually reunified with their families however some of the children had no living relatives, or, their parent/s and/or living relatives were unable to care for them due to child protection issues.

There are 10 SOS-family houses at the SOS Children’s Village in Sferai in the south of Lebanon, where vulnerable Lebanese children without parental care are being raised in loving, caring SOS-families. SOS Children’s Villages has now successfully integrated 28 Syrian refugee children, who had no other family, into family houses in the Sferai village. Some of the children are biological siblings and it was important that they stay together, a key pillar that the SOS care model upholds globally. Here, they are being raised as part of a community alongside vulnerable Lebanese children without parental care.

Make a donation today! Give children a home. 

Your financial support will help cover the costs of the children’s education, health and living expenses. 

SOS VILLAGE IN ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT (sponsorship $25,000)

Promoting education for disadvantaged children and youth in Egypt

Donating to support the educational needs of disadvantaged children and youth in SOS-programmes in Egypt will ensure their ability to go back to school and continue on the path to their future.

Your contribution today will impact 325 children and provide them with educational scholarship and back to school supplies. In addition, 13 talented youth will receive laptops to help them continue their education and secure their future.


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SOS & GE “Mount Kenya Challenge”: together giving vulnerable children a home.

SOS Children’s Villages International
United Arab Emirates
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