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Penny Appeal Middle East


22 January, 2020
United Arab Emirates


Australia is still burning.
At least 25 people have lost their lives.
1 billion animals estimated to be dead.
25.5 million acres of land and 2,600 homes have been destroyed or damaged.

Thousands of brave firefighters – most of them volunteers – are fighting the bush fire and saving lives by putting their lives in danger.

2 Volunteer firefighters have lost their lives. 

Penny Appeal Middle East urges everyone to unite and support the brave firefighters who are battling the fire to protect Australia.

As fires continue to rage across Australia, firefighters still have many long, dangerous days ahead of them.

Donate An Essential Firefighter Pack Today

Donate now and help Penny Appeal provide firefighters with essentials like bottled water, sunscreen and burn protection.

Your small gift could give a firefighter the comfort and the tools to carry on.

Donate AED 135 for A Firefighter Pack Today


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Support Firefighters Battling Australian Bush Fire With AED 130

Penny Appeal Middle East
United Arab Emirates
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