Help Bring a Bright Future with a Smile at Expo2020 Dubai

How to Successfully Fundraise with YallaGive
Noeriem Guintu


What better way to complete your Expo2020 visit thrilled and fulfilled than to be part of a meaningful cause that could spark positive change and action?

“Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” - as the Expo2020 Dubai theme goes. An idea that encapsulates a future across the board where no one is left behind.

On top of that, if “making a difference” is included in your list of resolutions this 2022, then YallaGive in collaboration with Expo2020 Dubai, can help you tick that box even as you enjoy your time exploring the different wonders within the grand complex of the Expo.

YallaGive, true to their mission to impact lives through innovative online fundraising solutions, takes part in Expo2020 Dubai as one of the Expo Live Global Innovators.

Coalesced with digital innovation, philanthropy too can be so creative and engaging – a forward-looking vision that YallaGive is keen to demonstrate with their innovation display which can be found at the Expo.

Situated within The Good Place Pavilion, the YallaGive Display of Innovation is a digital interactive board that enables visitors to donate to a charitable cause using no other currency but a big, bright smile.

How to Donate?
Visit the YallaGive Display of Innovation where you will find 3 digital display boards that will essentially guide you through the donation process in the following order:

Step 1: Choose a campaign that you would like to fund

The first board includes a display of the campaign projects and their stories as well as the total number of the smiles donated.

Read through and find out which campaign resonates with you the most then go ahead and make your selection.

Step 2: Strike a pose, flash a smile, and take a snapshot

After you have chosen a charity campaign to fund, be ready for the camera in the second digital display. Be sure to be generous with that beautiful smile and flash your brightest one as the shutter clicks away.

Once the photo is taken, you can get creative and add some custom stickers for extra flair!

Step 3: Go the extra mile with your Smile through Social Media

Once your photo is captured, it will instantly appear on the third digital board also called the “Smile Wall” where you will find it posted together with pictures of the other donors.

You may take your support a step further by opting to share your photo embedded with the hashtag: #YallaGive! through social media to help raise awareness for YallaGive’s charity partners and make known to other Expo visitors that their smiles can help realize someone’s dream for a brighter future.

The smiles that go into each charity project are consolidated at the end of the fundraising period and converted by the Expo into donations which are forwarded accordingly to the respective beneficiaries or Charity partners of YallaGive.

By virtue of this opportunity, YallaGive, ever more driven to deliver on their commitment to the community, was able to forge a pathway that enables anyone and everyone to be a part of a meaningful cause and make the experience extra joyful.

This could be seen as another feat that proves harnessing the power of technology in service of the non-profit and charity sector can rev up fundraising efforts and bridge significant gaps in the traditional methods.

Amidst threats of the pandemic, the philanthropic sector has seen the growth of online fundraising platforms such as YallaGive and like organizations that continue to explore and build digital strategies to support the communities they serve. Not to mention that it is a field that The Good Place Pavilion by Expo Live is inspired to nurture and help flourish.

The introduction of groundbreaking charitable solutions that are tech-based, such as YallaGive’s Display of Innovation, help open up opportunities for non-profits to stay better connected with their donors and tap into new audiences through high-quality digital engagements.

As a result, this new philanthropic landscape is seen to be much more collaborative in nature and has expanded Charities’ capability to communicate their stories and reach out to relevant partners, donors and recipients all while infusing more creativity in the deed.