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My name is Mai and I am from the north of Gaza in Palestine. I am a software developer, mentor, sister, and daughter. I studied Computer Science at Al Azhar University and graduated top of my class. In 2018 I got selected to join the Gaza Sky Geeks Code Academy where I sharpened my skills in full stack web development. After the Code Academy, I landed an internship with Google for Startups, where I remotely joined a Google-backed startup team in London for several weeks. It was awesome and built my confidence as a developer who can work across cultures and time zones. You can hear more about my experience in this video that GSG made about the internships.

I am ambitious, empathetic, and driven and I am just getting started in building a beautiful life and career. One day, I will find a startup that supports people with disabilities.

I have been waiting many years to have an electric wheelchair, which I got recently as a donation from a local organization. Today, I am raising money because I would like to install an elevator in my home. I live on the third floor of my home and depend on my family to lift me up and down the stairs. I want to lessen the burden on my family and be able to be more independent in my own home.

Last year, I started a campaign to install an electric elevator, but unfortunately it did not reach the specified goal, and I was not able to achieve my dream, and today I launch this campaign again to complete the rest. If you can contribute to my campaign, I would be most grateful. I am looking to raise $11,500 USD. Here is the breakdown of what I’m fundraising for:

-Excavation costs

-Building costs

-Concrete costs

-Plastering costs

-Electrical costs

-Credit card fees

- Elevator Cost and - Installment Costs (which covered in the previous campaign)

Excavation works for a room with an area of 1.8 * 1.7 square meters for the lower elevator house and the works Including excavation and building a block of 15 * 20 * 40 cm for the necessity of the circular and pouring a reinforced concrete floor 10 cm thick

Building works, block 15 * 20 * 40 cm, for a staircase from the ground floor to the house Upstairs on the third floor

Supply and pour reinforced concrete for the ceiling of the staircase on the third floor with a thickness 20 cm with an area of 1.7 * 1.8 square meters, the work includes the second ceiling with a thickness of 10 cm The staircase is necessary

External plastering works for the staircase from the ground floor to the staircase on the first floor the third

Installation works for floor thresholds as well as facades for elevator doors, type Roa Zbeta on The perimeter of the doors is 10*10 cm wide, the number of doors is 6, and the price includes delivery and installation

The elevator’s features:

450kg weight

6 passengers


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Gazze Destek Association

Raised : 40,516.80AED
Raised 96%
Goal : 42,205.00AED
Created Feb 09, 2022

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