Heavy rain floods in the Gaza Strip

Gazze Destek Association


While Palestinians usually welcome rain with open arms, this has not been the case in the Gaza strip. With (number) of days of rain in a row has caused Gaza’s streets to flood, damaging to dozens of houses, and affecting many families

“Adding water to mud,” an Arabic saying for ‘to make matters worse” - quite literally in this case

Since 2007 Gaza Strip has suffered from severe degradation of infrastructure and services, including in the areas of health, education, protection, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). With poverty and unemployment at all-time highs, 53% and 45.1% respectively, Palestinians in Gaza continue to struggle nearly 15 years after the imposition of the siege. To make matters worse, power outages reach 14 hours per day and the deficit in electrical energy reaches 76%.

Against this already challenging backdrop, the humanitarian situation in Gaza has been exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has strained the healthcare systems, increased economic degradation, contributed to high unemployment, and caused challenging mobility restrictions. All these factors put pressure on the socio-economic and cultural fabric of Palestinian society. The current situation is expected to get worse in 2022, the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) estimates that approximately 2.1 million Palestinians across the oPt will require some form of humanitarian assistance, of whom 64 per cent, or 1.3 million people, live in Gaza.

 We launched this campaign in cooperate with BuildPalestine is Palestinian not for profit that works to empower the most effective and innovative social enterprises in Palestine by amplifying their impact and connecting them with supporters from around the world. https://buildpalestine.com/

We’ve launched this relief campaign to provide the most urgent needs of humanitarian aid to Gaza which include:

- Food Packs (Canned goods”30$” and fresh produce”15$”)

- Bread Packs “30$” and water”9$”

- Winter aid which includes winter clothes”32$”, blankets 4kg “20$”, and  mattresses”20$”

- Preparing homes and roofs for whose been affected by torrential rains “600$”

- Shelter for families whose houses were destroyed by torrential rains through paying the rent for 3 months “200$ each month”

We ask you to donate to this campaign and to please share it with people in your network. Every dollar counts.

Together we can make a difference for our people in Gaza


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Gazze Destek Association

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