Gazze Destek Association

Gazze Destek Association

Gazze Destek Derneği GDD is a charity founded in Turkey in 2014 under license No. 34-209-183 and operates according to the Turkish Associations Law. We seek to effectively contribute to meeting the humanitarian and development needs (poverty, youth, child and women) of the Palestinian community in the Gaza Strip on a scientific basis through coordinated and participatory humanitarian interventions, which are based on the international Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), standards of integrity and transparency, humanitarian principles, and the relevant domestic law.
         GDD is an international association headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey (18 working members) with an international branch registered in the Gaza Strip, Palestine (11 working members), in addition to 5 other associated members located across Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Algeria.
Association Field of Work
• Human development: economic empowerment, social development, health care, education.
• Humanitarian response: Relief, emergency, recovery, seasonal needs.
• Human sustainability: Quality of institutional performance, coordination and integration, integrity and transparency.
Association goals:
• To contribute effectively to the humanitarian and development needs of the Gaza Strip.
• To contribute to the coordination and integration of the humanitarian and development efforts of the Gaza Strip.
• Improve the performance of humanitarian institutions in the Gaza Strip, maximizing the impact of financing.
• Contributing to achieve the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the year 2030 that set by UN Members

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Gazze Destek Association

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