"Because You Matter" - Rural India

ahmed hussen
United Arab Emirates

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Because Health of Rural India Matters more than before!!  

Let's keep it simple effective and DIRECT !!

Funds  will specifically help poor communites in Indian villages to-

  • Prepare for future Covid waves and better healthcare
  • Provide pediatric ventilators in health centres in remote areas to save children
  • Donate concentrators / oxygen cylinders areas which still do not have enough oxygen support 
  • Support completion of mandatory procedures for abandoned death cases due to pandemic 
  • Long term and immediate support to handle pediatric surgery due to Covid

This campaign is just a humble request to take a well informed approach and extend support where it is required the most !!

Support us to continue doing our work for ignored areas in RURAL INDIA!!

To engage further or request for more details connect on +97150 376 0981

We are also open to Corporate Partnerships!! 

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ahmed hussen
United Arab Emirates

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