Beirut Explosion Emergency Relief Fund

The Box Self Storage Services
United Arab Emirates

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We are all shocked with what has happened in Beirut this week; we all want to help and support and we need to, as the need is really urgent.
According to the governor of Beirut, there are around 300K people affected by the explosion and the cost of damages exceeds US$ 15 billion.

Your generous contribution will help 300,000 people who have lost their homes in Beirut.

Donate now to help Emirates Red Crescent provide urgent relief to thousands of people affected by the explosion.

Lebanon needs your help.

Fundraise for us to help us help even more individuals and families affected by this tragedy. 

YallaGive offers the only legal way for individuals and corporates in the UAE to fundraise online to support the emergency efforts of the Beirut explosion.

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The Box Self Storage Services
United Arab Emirates

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