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Dubai College Foundation
United Arab Emirates

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The Shree Jagdishwor School (SJS) in Bimal Nagar is in desperate need of reparation.  Situated on the main Kathmandu-Pokhara Highway, this primary school has requested support from local government and NGOS for more than 10 years, and has been overlooked.  There are 123 students (69 girls and 54 boys), and 12 teachers.  10 of the teachers are funded by the local government and 2 by the local community.

The existing 2 storey building has 4 dark, damp rooms but the focal concern is a crumbly brick staircase.  The building is more than 25 years old and simply isn't earthquake proof.  The Dubai College Foundation project with Pahar Trust aims to demolish this building and replace it with a 6 room, 2 storey building.

Building is due to commence in October after the monsoon season, and will take up to 9 months.  The estimated costs for this project are $67,000.

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Dubai College Foundation
United Arab Emirates

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