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The END Fund
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1.7 billion - that's the number of people around the world who are currently impacted by a group of parasitic and bacterial infectious diseases known as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). When left untreated, NTDs such as river blindness and intestinal worms can cause pain and disability, steal nutrients, and stunt the physical and cognitive growth of children.

NTDs can be controlled and even eliminated in our lifetime through proven, safe, and cost-effective medicines that have been generously donated by pharmaceutical companies. Studies have shown that school-based deworming programs increase school attendance by 25 percent. And not only are girls who receive treatment more likely to graduate secondary school but over time, children who are dewormed also benefit from greater earning potential.

Since the END Fund's founding in 2012 through 2019, with our partners, we helped provide over 920 million treatments and trained more than 2.7 million health workers in NTD control and prevention.

January 30th marks the second annual celebration of World NTD Day. As we look toward this celebration and beyond, we need your help to ensure that we're able to end neglected tropical diseases, once and for all.

On average, just USD$0.50 or AED$1.84 helps to treat an individual for NTDs, making it one of the most cost-effective health interventions available. With your help, together, we can have a catalytic impact on health, education, gender equity, and even alter the economic trajectory of nations for generations to come.

Will you join us?

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The END Fund
United States

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