Fundacion Nuestros Hijos - Childhood Cancer Center in Chile

Friends of Cancer Patients
United Arab Emirates

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As part of our international support program, we -FoCP, a UAE governmental non-profit organization - are looking to raise Chilean Children Cancer awareness and donations to build a specialized cancer treatment center for kids up to the age of 14.

We have facts that some families considered to be low income can't afford the rehabilitation and this project will help to continue supporting the improvement in the quality of life of children and adolescents with cancer.

Your participation is crucial!

Note: for more FoCP background please check our profile.


  1. Build and provide a center that can support kids and adolescents regardless of their parents/tutors social-financial situation.
  2. The center objective is to provide treatments and reduce the sequelae of children and adolescents through rehabilitation.
  3. The center members will offer comprehensive and personalized attention for family and patients.
  4. The project achievement will be to increase the number of children from different cities to receive treatment and companionship through the treatment and rehabilitation journey.

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Friends of Cancer Patients
United Arab Emirates

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    Great cause! Bravo!