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International Refugee Assistance Project, Inc.
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Every person deserves a safe place to call home and a safe way to get there.

There are over 80 million displaced people worldwide. Legal representation continues to be a significant barrier as individuals and families apply for refugee status, family reunification, or asylum. 

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) provides direct and free legal assistance to the most vulnerable refugees around the world, helping families live together in safety and freedom

In 2020 alone, we provided direct legal aid to more than 6,100 individuals from 39 countries and helped hundreds more navigate refugee resettlement and visa options each month.

We also: 

  • Assisted approximately 630 separated family members with family reunification claims, including enabling unaccompanied children at risk in Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, and Libya to join their relatives in the European Union, United Kingdom, and United States.
  • Won 57 lawsuits in Europe that helped separated families reunite and achieved court victories that opened and expedited pathways to safety in the United States for over approximately 42,000 individuals.
  • Led an advocacy campaign that mobilized 560 state and local officials from all 50 U.S. states to publicly support refugee resettlement.

This year, many refugee families faced additional challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but IRAP was there for them, advocating for their rights despite the extraordinary circumstances. During ongoing lockdowns and under other restrictions, IRAP has continued to provide direct legal assistance to thousands of displaced families facing compounded challenges on their journeys to safety.

We are a global team of dedicated lawyers who are relentless in our commitment to provide legal protection and representation to refugees around the world -- from Syria and Iraq, to Congo and El Salvador. In addition to providing direct legal aid to the most vulnerable displaced people, we advocate for strategic change in courts and legislatures to protect their right to live in safety, dignity, and freedom.

It was the support of people like you that enabled IRAP to help Syrian family Micheline, Basel, and their toddler son relocate safely to France

In Syria, they were surrounded by daily shelling and suicide attacks on their neighborhood, some of which they witnessed personally. The security situation was so terrible that they could not reach the hospital where Basel would go to receive medical care for a chronic condition. Basel’s health worsened, bringing him near death. He needed surgery and medication that were not available in Syria and extremely costly in Lebanon, where they first sought help. Time was of the essence and the family was desperate to travel to a safe place.

Six months after IRAP took on their case, Micheline, Basel, and their son were able to relocate to France, where they now live together in safety.

IRAP's work is only possible with the support of people who care about the dignity and rights of refugees, and who believe that families deserve to be together. Join our efforts and be part of the force that ensures every migrant and refugee is legally protected and respected.

For more information on our impact and life-saving efforts, please visit

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International Refugee Assistance Project, Inc.
United States

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