Let's give baby Andrey a fighting chance to live

Laura Ezzat
United Arab Emirates

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Name: Andrey Hunter 

Age: 2 years old

Type of cancer: Anaplastic Ependymoma 

Treatment: Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy

Target amount: 386,346 AED


Andrey, is our youngest and only son. He is a normal boy, very energetic and happy child. Loves to walk, run and climb, he mastered all of this until he reached 1 year old. Unfortunately, a few months after his first birthday he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer tumor (Anaplastic Ependymoma Grade 3).

On his last scan, November 2020. The tumor is still present, the doctor advised to do observation and to closely monitor his condition. If ever there is a progression or increase in the size of his tumor, they will do another Debulking surgery to be followed by another radiation therapy. Since the bleeding is still there, he is experiencing cyanosis sometimes which is another reason to watch him closely. Sometimes, we are worried if he is irritable thinking about what's happening inside his brain. But my son is slowly regaining his old active self, trying to recover from a year of initial fight against this cancer. He is advised to undergo intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation in order for him to stand and learn to walk again. 

As of now, we don't have any means to pay for his surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Although we are facing a very deadly cancer we will continue to fight and we strongly believed we shall beat this cancer. Please help us in this fight, let's give baby Andrey a fighting chance to live. Every penny counts for saving his life.

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Laura Ezzat
United Arab Emirates

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