Operation Smile Skills Month: raising funds for Smiles :) !

Salma AlQadadha
United Arab Emirates

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Hello and welcome to our yallagive page. We are team Annika and we're a team of students from Gems Cambridge International School Abu Dhabi trying to raise funds for Operation Smile by entertaining you for a month with fun activities and cool skills to learn.

You might be wondering who Annika might be. She's one of hundreds of thousands who have been able to receive surgery in the past with the help of Operation Smile. Click here to read her story.

Operation Smile is an international non-profit medical charity that has provided safe, reconstructive surgeries to those born with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate. 


To follow our campaign, visit our Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/operationsmileskillsweek/


Help us reach our goal to raise funds for cleft surgeries and change children like lives forever! A cleft surgery costs on average 880 DHS with the help of Operation Smile, so why not be part of that new smile?

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Salma AlQadadha
United Arab Emirates

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