Rural physically handicapped centre for Rehabilitation

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The Handicapped person in the villages facing many problems. Handicapped by birth, some through Accidents, by marital genus, Polio, having handicappers are in the villages. In every village there are in various ages 6 to 13 members all are dependents of their parents. Most of them are un married persons, if they married their wives left them lonely and went away due to their handicap, in the same way the women handicapped person after their pregnancy left them their husbands and lead lonely lives. They suffer through their disability; no one can come forward to help them, No Banks give them to invest for petty Shops, Govt., and allotted Rs. 3,000/- to them as pension, it is not sufficient to them to lead their lives, they unable to live in the villages, they left the villages and begging in the Bustands, Temples, Hotels, lead their live under the tree of the villages and in the streets. They are seeking the help of God in the form of any body for their lively hood.

In the villages 4 Mandals/Thaluks to arrange Rural Physically Handicapped Centre for Rehabilitation, to meet the many Handicapped persons and know their situations, as per the enquiry of the organization their requirements loans for cows, Sheeps, Petty Shops, Tailoring Shops, Xerox Shops, Computer Shops, they say that they are suffering for getting investment loans through banks, nobody is come forward for help them, the organization co coordinators held meeting in the villages and decided to do Disable people Self -employment & Skill development and help 300 to 400 Handicapped in the year.

For the Disable People Self Employment & Skill Development Programme open a project office for each Mandal and appoint 3 Community Co ordinators for a Mandal for 4 Mandals total 12 Co ordinator. Through Community Coordinators work in the villages as per the wish of the Handicapped persons to establish petty provisional Shops went to handicapped persons village Banks and talk to the manager for Sanction of loan of Rs. 50,000/- infavour of the handicapped persons for the petty shops and convince the manager for the sanction of loan infavour of the Handicapped persons. After Sanction of the loan take the Bank Sanction letter and through the Mandal development officer for the subsidy of Rs.50, 000/-approach to the District DRDA for the Sanction of Subsidy which goes to the Account of the Handicapped person through the Sanctioned amount the the organization arrange the small shop in the village of the Handicapped person for him. He runs the shop and pays the loan amount as monthly dues to the Bank. As our organization helps 300 to 400 members in 4 Mandals for Cows,petty Shops, for buying Sheeps, Xerox Shops, Tailoring Shops, Computer Shops, the subsidy amount of Rs.50,000/- and Rs. 50,000/- granted by the organization is not repayable

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Rural physically handicapped centre for Rehabilitation

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