Rebecca Ball
United Arab Emirates

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In aid of Foundation of African Empowerment, Enjoro Primary School

Over the course of 6 days from 1st to 8th October, a group of challengers from the Physical Training Company will be climbing the Rongai route on Mount Kilimanjaro, summiting at 5,895m.

This challenge will support Enjoro Primary School through the Foundation of African Empowerment (FAE) a not-for-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to improving access to quality inclusive education for all children especially those with special educational needs and disabilities in Tanzania through providing support services, awareness raising and advocacy.

To learn more about the FAE please visit and to find out more about Gulf for Good click here:

Please give generously in support of this great cause - all funds, whatever amount, are much needed and greatly appreciated.

Between the challengers, they aim to raise funds of over AED75,000.

The charity trek is held in association with local not-for-profit Gulf for Good and is approved by the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, Licence No. 3531.

50% of funds raised go to the FAE.

40% of funds raised go to Gulf for Good (NPO in the UAE and registered UK charity) for their sustainability.

10% of funds raised go to International Humanitarian City for their emergency response work.

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We all have very different motivations for signing up for our Kilimanjaro climb. The chance to raise funds for a very deserving cause is not least of those, however for me Kilimanjaro has held a much deeper personal significance for some time. My younger brother Jaime climbed Kilimanjaro in his early twenties during an overland trip through Eastern Africa and loved the experience. From the time he was murdered just over ten years ago I made a promise to both him and myself that I would climb Kilimanjaro in his memory.

That it has taken ten years for me to feel ready to embark on this challenge has much less to do with the physical demands and training required than the emotional resilience it will take for me to make it to the summit. In moving to Dubai and finding the Physical Training Company (PTC) I have not only found a group that will help me train for the physical demands but I have discovered a community of incredible people that will support one another to reach our common goal and raise as much as possible for the Enjoro Primary School in Tanzania. 

Rebecca Ball
United Arab Emirates

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نسبة بلوغ الهدف 80%
هدف الحملة 5,000.00AED
تم الإنشاء Feb 08, 2021

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  • Jim Knight

    2021-07-09 08:30:21

    Have fun!

  • Ian Harwood

    2021-06-18 11:33:48

    Good luck with this impressive challenge mate. A noble cause.

  • Elizabeth Hodges

    2021-06-17 08:55:35

    Good Luck

  • David Lomas

    2021-06-16 08:36:45

    Hi Rebecca - Good Luck with your climb, its the sort of challenge that I would love to do myself

  • Stuart Sinclair

    2021-06-11 18:41:18

    Hey Rebecca, this is great what you're doing, you were also very determined, this will be physically a breeze but I'm sure the emotions will be more challenging. I still can't believe he's gone. I'm l

  • Chris Mercer

    2021-06-11 07:51:19

    You always were the coolest, this just proves it. Go Rebecca!

  • Vicky Ball

    2021-06-09 15:17:07

    Lots of luck, we’re so proud of you.Love mum and dadxx

  • Rob Healy

    2021-06-09 14:56:39
  • Kristel Ranklin (nee Whittington)

    2021-06-09 14:53:29

    What an amazing endeavour and a very fitting way to honour the memory of your lovely brother. Kristel xx

  • Andy Lynam

    2021-06-09 07:55:09

    Great stuff Rebecca. That little hill will be no bother to you! Great causes and also a beautiful tribute to your brother. Smash it! Andy.

  • Anonymous

    2021-06-09 05:27:46

    All the best Rebecca..

  • Anonymous

    2021-06-09 04:26:20

    All the best Reb!!!

  • Andy Gibbard

    2021-06-08 21:12:47

    Hope all is well with you bex, nice to see you are still a good girl. Good luck, well wishes

  • Ian Ballantyne

    2021-06-08 08:42:05

    The very best of luck for the journey and the climb. What a wonderful way to celebrate Jaime's life. He'd be very proud.

  • Anna King

    2021-06-08 08:33:21

    Wishing you all the best - your brother would be so proud as well as your parents are I am sure. Sending you love and hugs x

  • Kate Bunt (Bishop)

    2021-06-08 07:58:25

    Wishing you all the very best of luck, not that you’ll need it as you will absolutely smash it. Xx

  • Natasha James

    2021-06-08 06:30:56

    Best of luck for an amazing cause Becks! Tash xx

  • Sophie Tuckett

    2021-06-07 21:45:52


  • Helen Hedges

    2021-06-07 20:01:01

    A challenge, but enjoy it too xx

  • Ingrid bellion

    2021-06-07 19:59:47

    Good luck for a great cause. Xx