Pakistan Floods Relief 2022

Hussain Ali Sandilo
United Arab Emirates

عن الحملة

Millions are affected by the deadly floods across Pakistan.
Many have lost their lives.

My name is Hussain Ali Sandilo and I have recently joined the Indus Youth Ambassadors program. I grew up in Pakistan, and my father's family hails from Sindh. As a child I used to visit many of the towns and villages that are now covered with water. I want to do as much as I can to help raise the money needed to provide relief to these flood affected areas and request you to please contribute for this cause. 

As a young and able 17-year-old student my everyday life opportunities and experiences are drastically different from those who reside within Pakistan. The thought of a young individual like me living completely opposite life with the stress of not knowing where to go when things get tough is incomprehensible. 

Because of my privileges, I feel strongly about the concept of free health care for those less fortunate and thus it is our obligation to do our part and raise awareness. 

It is necessary to be able to empathize with those less able than us in order to protect and give them hope when they feel that it is out of reach. 

So please consider playing your part as well and help those families in need. 

Indus Hospital & Health Network is actively engaged in emergency relief efforts throughout Pakistan & expanding its relief efforts to areas most affected by the floods.

Your support and generous donations will help us fund mobile vans, mobile labs, and necessary medical supplies to serve those displaced due to this calamity.

Pakistan NEEDS YOU to overcome this natural disaster. 

Indus Response:

So far IHHN has set up 162 Medical Camps across Pakistan and served 90,618 patients:

Sindh 65 Medical Camps & 71,545 people have been treated | 615 Community Engagement Counseling (CEC) sessions have also been conducted on the prevention of diseases and rational drug use.

Balochistan44 Medical Camps & 9,669 people have been treated | 32 (CEC) sessions have also been conducted on the prevention of diseases and rational drug use.

Punjab | 24 Medical Camps 5,494 people have been treated | 83 (CEC) sessions have also been conducted on the prevention of diseases and rational drug use.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa | 29 Medical Camps 3,910 people have been treated| 144 (CEC) sessions have also been conducted on the prevention of diseases and rational drug use .

WHO collaborated with IHHN to open the first ever flood-relief medical camp and diagnostic laboratory in Thatta & Rajanpur.

Your URGENT help and generous donations are needed to alleviate Human suffering.

Sponsor 1 patient AED 20

Sponsor 5 patients AED 100

Sponsor 10 patients AED 200

Sponsor 50 patients AED 1000 

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Hussain Ali Sandilo
United Arab Emirates

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    Wishing you loads of success and the Almighty’s choicest blessings in all your endeavors.

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    Good job Hussain! Very proud of you!

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