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We urge you to rise above merely hoping for deliverance of the 280,000 children and their families. The very mission of the organization has placed TCF schools in the heart of the most vulnerable communities in Pakistan. Act on your urge to make a difference in these unprecedented times and donate to The Citizens Foundation today. Your donation will help ensure that appropriate assistance reaches those that genuinely need it in these challenging times, as well as the continuity of education for these children so that they continue to have hope of realizing their dreams!

There exists an alarming gap in opportunity fueled by the inequity in access to quality education in Pakistan. Derelict infrastructure, unqualified or unavailable teachers and outdated curricula in Pakistan’s public schools stand in sharp contrast against the potential of a whopping 22.8 million kids between the age of 5-16 out of school in Pakistan according to UNICEF’s statistics. This places Pakistan with the world’s second highest number of out-of-school children with 3 out of 7 kids without hope of gaining a quality education, constituting a crisis no less urgent and alarming than a pandemic.

The Citizens Foundation is raising funds to mitigate this education crisis. All funds collected are utilized in the operational costs of running 1,833 schools (and growing) educating over 280,000 children from less privileged backgrounds.

The Citizens Foundation is creating real impact at scale

The Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization creating impact at scale by running purpose-built schools in the heart of urban slums and rural communities in Pakistan to correct inequities through an all-female faculty and a 50:50 gender ratio amongst students. Moreover, its education programs focus on providing customized textbooks for better learning outcomes and training teachers to promote inquiry and critical thinking amongst students in class. TCF’s agenda is to drive positive change in Pakistan by removing the barriers of class, privilege and gender when it comes to access to quality education.

Key Facts

The Citizens Foundation maintains the highest standards of financial integrity through annual audits by the country’s largest audit firm. The organization welcomes potential and current donors to reach out to TCF for facilitated trips to TCF schools in Pakistan.

For detailed information on the organization’s activities, impact and ways to get involved, please visit https://www.tcf.org.pk/

How To Donate – Key Figures and Impact

AED 50: Support 1 child for 1 month with a quality educational experience.

AED 500: Make a real difference by supporting 1 child for a full year of a quality education experience.

AED 6,500: Make a life-long impact for an underprivileged child by supporting 10 years of primary and secondary education.

Make this humanitarian effort a success and an exemplary moment in your life for your own children.

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Baghbaan Unity
United Arab Emirates

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