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Red Crescent الهلال الأحمر
United Arab Emirates

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Sponsor An Orphan.

Since its inception in 1983, the UAE Red Crescent Authority has taken a leading role in promoting various aspects of humanitarian work on both a domestic and international level as an expression of the Red Crescent's message of mobilizing the power of humanity to help the weak and needy wherever they are, regardless of ethnic, cultural, geographic, or religious considerations.

One of the Emirates Red Crescents' most renowned projects have been to sponsor orphan children across several countries which they have done so, but with your help they can bring more to the table.

You can sponsor an Orphan with just AED 2400 per year; that's as little as  AED 6.5 a day to help make a significant change in an orphan's life.

Your donations will help provide medical and educational support to the orphans under the Emirates Red Crescent's "Orphan Program" which aims to help orphans become self-sufficient and respected members of the society, and in turn support members of their community.

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Red Crescent الهلال الأحمر
United Arab Emirates

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