Vivienne is running 10K for Operation Smile UAE

Vivienne Mendonca
United Arab Emirates

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Vivienne is running 10 kilometres for Operation Smile UAE

Operation Smile is an international charity which provides free, safe surgery for children and young adults born with cleft lip and cleft palate. Operation Smile UAE was established in 2011 and has been providing surgeries in the UAE since 2017. 

Like many other charities, Operation Smile has faced challenges due to the pandemic but are continuing to reach out to those in need. Surgeons and nurses volunteer their time and skills, but finances are required to cover the cost of the instruments and other materials required for surgery. 

Every child deserves a smile! 

For as little as 880AED/£170/$240 Operation Smile can provide a surgery to a child with a cleft condition and give them a new smile.

Celebrate Operation Smile UAE's 10th Anniversary by donating to help them continue their valuable work

Please give whatever you are able to

Every Dirham/Pound/Dollar/Rupee Counts! 

Vivienne started running during the 2020 lockdown and completed the 5K (as part of the Dubai City Half Marathon) in October 2020.

This year, she has set herself the challenge of training for and completing the 10K, on 15th October 2021, fundraising for Operation Smile UAE.

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I finished in a better time than expected. Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and support for Operation Smile UAE. 


5 days until 10K!


Ran outside at 6.15am on Friday, it was still 30C with 74% humidity, so not comfortable. 

Had to go back to the treadmill. 

Hope the humidity drops before the run this Friday.


Did 8km on the gym treadmill this morning. The weather is starting to change, but it is still a bit humid. Hope to get running outside early morning this weekend. Only 10 days to go!


Good time in the gym this morning.  Reached 8.5KM on the treadmill, alternating running and walking. Will work up to the full 10KM and try to increase proportion of running to walking. At this stage my target for the 10K is under 90 mins.


Thank you to those who have donated so far. It is still a bit hot and humid in Dubai, so mostly running on the treadmill in the gym. Trying to gradually increase the distance and keep going to reach the 10K.  Hope to get outside soon, in the early morning or after sunset. 

Every contribution towards Operation Smile is greatly appreciated, whatever the amount, to help provide free surgeries for kids born with cleft lip and/or palate.

Vivienne Mendonca
United Arab Emirates

المبلغ الذي تم جمعه 2,711.57AED
نسبة بلوغ الهدف 34%
هدف الحملة 8,000.00AED
تم الإنشاء Sep 10, 2021

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  • Sandra Gonzalez

    2021-10-19 17:48:26

    Great job Vivienne! Well done!

  • Siu Harper

    2021-10-16 08:16:48

    Great Running Viv!

  • Mandy Peden

    2021-10-16 03:27:29

    Well done Vivienne 👏👏

  • Andrew & Cathryn Hoard

    2021-10-14 16:11:55

    So glad to have heard what you're doing in the UAE! Run well and enjoy.

  • Hazel Wallis

    2021-10-14 16:11:05
  • D mendonca

    2021-10-09 12:29:13
  • Jacqueline Bonner

    2021-09-30 14:05:39
  • Yvonne Y

    2021-09-26 15:43:46
  • Mahmoud Ezz

    2021-09-22 09:14:21
  • Karen Searle

    2021-09-21 13:34:15
  • John Harper

    2021-09-19 18:57:35
  • Anonymous

    2021-09-16 18:39:24
  • Stephen Harper

    2021-09-11 21:38:01

    Go for it Viv, love from us all, Stephen, Judith, Anna, Matthew and Thomas