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Zoya Khan
United Arab Emirates

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Calling all supporters of The Citizens Foundation (TCF)!

The TCF Baghbaan Youth Ambassador Programme in UAE is a wonderful opportunity for you to use your knowledge and skills to help the less-privileged children of Pakistan gain access to quality education. 

The TCF Baghbaan Programme aims to make TCF a household name so that no child is left behind. TCF Baghbaan program invites individuals to become a part of the TCF family to transform the lives of the underprivileged children of Pakistan.

To send a child to school for 1 month, you should donate 43 AED to TCF (12$ only).

For more information, please contact us at +971 58 661 6276 or info@tcfuae.org. 

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I am starting a lemonade stand. I am doing it with a friend and every time we sell a lemonade we will donate 1 dirham to my TCF campaign.

In addition to this I will roller skate 1 kilometer every time someone donates 100 AED as well.

Zoya Khan
United Arab Emirates

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    Good luck with fund collection.