Coronavirus Relief

Lewis Matheson
United Arab Emirates

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With everything that’s going on I’ve decided to do what I can during isolation and try to raise some cash for a great cause.

I’m going to attempt to run a marathon on my balcony going through different themes of dress. Will be a tough slog for a man who has never run more than 10k but worth it for the cause. 

I’m not generally one to ask for money but this is such a great cause and we all know that in the current situation. 

Any contributions are welcome and much appreciated.  

I’ll be starting the run at 13.00 (10am UK time) and will have live insta feeds – lewismatheson902 (featuring isolation buddy guests and live DJ sets) so you can check in with me and make sure I’m not cheating!! 

Thanks in advance for the floods of coin going towards this great cause (Emirates Red Crescent) and the fantastic job they are doing!!

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Lewis Matheson
United Arab Emirates

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تم الإنشاء Mar 31, 2020

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