Covid-19 Crisis: Cycle 6000km in 30 days

Shyal Bhalla
United Arab Emirates


Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19, there are many countries around the world that are in urgent need of support. Necessities such as food, water and medical supplies are limited, and without these donations, millions of men, women and children won't be able to survive. Therefore, myself (Shyal Bhalla) alongside 11 other friends (Shlok Shah, Henry Bullough, Adnan Baig, Kian Paydar, Ryaan Zeeshan, Oliver Hulme, Imran Zaman, Jai Varma, Adeel Rana, Joseph Podesta and Peter Cook) will be cycling a total collective distance of 6,000 km over 30 days, in order to raise the funds to help save as many lives as possible. This is a challenging and difficult time for us all, and we hope to extinguish poverty and help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We believe in this cause because it is very evident that there are third world countries that need our help, and this is a global issue that we hold very close to our hearts. We intend to use our privilege in order to raise as much money as possible to donate to these countries, supplying them with the necessary food, water and medical supplies that they need. Every donation can help save one life, please help us change the lives of as many people as we can, and we will be forever grateful


#Update Hi everyone! Thank you for the amazing support so far! With only 5 days left of the 30 days, we are so close to our target of 5,000 AED. Please help us reach our goal and change the lives of as many people as possible. #Update Hi everyone! We are over 1/4 of the way through the month and we are absolutely smashing it! In total, I have cycled 160 km, and as a group, we have cycled a collective distance of 2261 km! #Update Two days in and we are smashing it!!!! 21.2km on day one and 23.1km on day two. We are working really hard to get to our new target of 7,000km by the end of 30days. #Update Hey everyone! The event starts tomorrow and for 30 days, I will be cycling 20km each day so we can reach our goal and raise as much as possible! Thank you for all of your support!

Shyal Bhalla
United Arab Emirates

Fundraising for charity - Penny Appeal Middle East
المبلغ الذي تم جمعه 5,067.14AED
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تم الإنشاء Jun 19, 2020

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  • Rena Sethi

    2020-07-19 17:56:41

    Hi Shyal. Well done for the 30 day cycling to raise funds for the COVID-19 crisis for such a good cause. Lots of love xxx

  • Rena Sethi

    2020-07-16 13:17:25

    From: Nimmi Chadha. Shyal, well done for your efforts in raising money for the COVID-19 crisis. Lots of love, Pernani xxx

  • Rajen Suresh Kapoor

    2020-07-13 12:57:15

    Well done Shyal, very good cause. Best wishes from Suresh and Rajen Kapoor

  • Alka

    2020-07-12 22:38:36

    Keep up the good work. Best wishes from Alka & Rajesh Kapoor

  • Anonymous

    2020-07-12 20:43:45

    well done Shyal

  • Rena Sethi

    2020-07-11 14:36:19

    From: Kapur, Sumit Patel and Nitesh Patel families. All the best in your cause for the COVID-19 crisis. Lots of love xxx

  • Natalie Tegala-Patel

    2020-07-11 06:08:55

    Wishing you all the best of luck!

  • Rena Sethi

    2020-07-07 15:33:26

    From: Ashoo Dua and family. Shyal we are very proud of you. You are doing a great job for a noble cause. Lots of love xxx

  • Rena Sethi

    2020-07-07 12:14:23

    From: Anwar Antaria, Satpal's friend from Jinja. Best of luck, Shyal.

  • Satish anand

    2020-07-05 14:38:13
  • Nizar Abdulla

    2020-07-04 10:05:28
  • Rena Sethi

    2020-07-02 14:09:07

    From: Mahendra. Wish you all the best in raising money for the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Rena Sethi

    2020-06-30 08:36:29

    From: Ushmi Chopra. Good Luck Shyal for this very good cause. Lots of love xxx

  • Chander Chadha

    2020-06-29 08:06:55

    Shyal and team all the best in your task!

  • Rena Sethi

    2020-06-28 10:21:46

    From: Girish. Well done Shyal! All the best for your excellent cause

  • Ria Chauhan

    2020-06-28 06:00:15

    Amazing, so proud of you Shayal!

  • Truna Jaswal

    2020-06-28 05:49:32

    Well done Shyal! 👏 Good luck!

  • Bhavna

    2020-06-28 05:16:06

    Very Inspirational. Well done Shyal. 🚴🏼🚵🏼❤️

  • Varsha Dawes

    2020-06-28 04:58:59

    What a wonderful thing to do Shyal. God Bless 🙏

  • Minal Somaiya

    2020-06-28 04:57:37

    Excellent cause and wishing all the boys the very best of luck

  • Neena

    2020-06-26 14:23:49
  • Shilpa Bhalla

    2020-06-25 14:46:52

    Well done Shyal . We are all behind you. And his friends you guys are amazing. Lots of live from Dadaji , Dadima and all of us

  • Rena Sethi

    2020-06-24 11:42:21

    From: Azim - Driving Instructor. Wish you all the best. Very good cause.

  • Rena Sethi

    2020-06-24 11:36:37

    From:Steve BSM Driving Instructor. All the best for your very good cause.

  • Guddi Bhandari

    2020-06-23 22:57:41

    Excellent cause Shyal. Sending good wishes and lots of luck. From Uncle Binay & Auntie Guddi

  • Shashi Maini

    2020-06-23 22:52:24

    Well done Shyal. Brilliant cause. Good luck from uncle Ram, Auntie Shashi & Akhil

  • Yash wadhawan

    2020-06-23 13:09:13

    Wishing you great strenghth while cycling for this big cause

  • Suresh nandha

    2020-06-23 12:09:09

    Excellent effort Shayal for a most worthy cause - stay safe. Fond wishes Suresh N +


    2020-06-22 17:58:40
  • Anonymous

    2020-06-22 14:15:38