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Tarek Jabi
United Arab Emirates

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On Monday 8 June, it was brought to our attention that 200 members of the Ghanaian community were left displaced in the UAE after losing their jobs due to Covid-19. 

Like many others, the Ghanaian expats came to Dubai seeking better work opportunities, but have been left vulnerable after losing their jobs with no income to provide for their families. 

Through the power of social media, their story was shared and over the past few days generous donations have been made to provide necessities, such as hot meals, water and PPE. Whilst another (anonymous) Emirati man, has come forward to arrange temporary shelter for those in need.

Right now, through the amazing efforts of so many people, over 150 of our Ghanaian brothers and sisters have been repatriated; however, the movement doesn’t stop there. 

Many others face the same reality and are seeking financial aid to return home on repatriation flights from the UAE. 

At this time, we are calling everyone to band together as a community to raise funds at the #DoOneGiveOne charity event this Friday 19 June. 

Emirates Red Crescent, a government-established charity in Dubai, has set up a donation drive where all proceeds will be given to fund the ongoing relief efforts as well as flights home for those that need it most.

We know these are difficult times, and you have likely started to feel the impacts of the pandemic in your community. This is your chance to step up to the plate and show your support.

Every burpee. Every burpee.

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Tarek Jabi
United Arab Emirates

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