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In many schools across Pemba, Tanzania, hundreds of schoolgirls do not attend school during their menstruation period every month. The lack of access to sanitary pads results in schoolgirls missing school 23% of the time. On average, each girl misses 10 weeks of a 42 week academic year.

In order to ensure that our girls are receiving their share of an adequate education, Ifraj Foundation invites you to donate to provide schoolgirls with sanitary kits in order for them to continue going to school throughout the year. 

Each kit includes the following:

- 1 bar of soap

- 1 pair of underwear

- 4 reusable pads that can last up to 3 years

For 4 USD, you can support one girl. 

Every contribution counts.

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Ifraj Foundation
Tanzania, United Republic of

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