Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon

Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon

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Inaugurated in April 2002, the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is a regional reference center pioneering in providing access to treatment for children with cancer, at no cost to their parents and with complete dependency on donations.

Till date, CCCL has treated over 5,000 children with cancer and offered more than 5,000 medical consultations to patients from all over Lebanon and the region, with an average cure rate of 80%.

We currently have around 350 patients under treatment at CCCL. They are admitted without any form of discrimination, aged from few months to 18 years old.
The treatment usually lasts 3 years, costing an average of 55,000 USD a year for each patient where costs can range from 40,000 USD up to 200,000 USD in certain cases; hence a yearly need of 15 million USD.

CCCL has been intensifying fundraising efforts and implementing cost containment to ensure the continuity of support and services to all our patients.
Currently, CCCL supports and treats around 50% of all children with cancer in Lebanon.
CCCL also spreads awareness and education about the disease and aims to ensure optimal methods for regional and global cancer control. 

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Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon

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