Priya Mathias

Priya Mathias


Art for Breast Cancer is an organization that brings together a group of like minded individuals with a passion for using the power of Yoga, Art and Music to Fundraise for Breast Cancer patients in the UAE, who cannot afford treatment and for Breast Cancer research.

Yoga, Art and music speak a universal language.
We wish to create a tapestry of empathy and support through Yoga, Art and Music and instill a Chain Reaction of Kindness and Compassion, and the Art of Giving in our community.

Since 2016, Art for Breast Cancer has organized a Yoga event, in October every year in partnership with Brest Friends - Al Jalila Foundation to raise funds in the UAE.

Our VISION is a world where every individual regardless of race, religion, gender, age, culture and ethnicity enjoys the right to survive Breast Cancer.

A Breast Cancer diagnosis is life changing. When you are diagnosed, how to fund your treatment is not the first thing that comes to mind. But money is a paramount issue for many, even before they start their treatment.

You can be a partner and immediately impact the life of someone with Breast Cancer. 

YOUR DONATION can help ease some of the suffering and worry that Breast cancer patients go through and you can assist them on their journey to survival.

YOUR DONATION will make an immediate difference to someone who needs financial support and help.

Join us in joyfully brightening the lives of people with Breast Cancer and help us make a positive difference. Let us soar on the wings of Yoga, Music and Art to achieve great things for a great cause and a greater good.

Thank you so much for being so phenomenal and helping so much!

Together we have the power to save lives.

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