BATTLE CANCER 2024: Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon's Fundraiser

Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon
United Arab Emirates

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For the third year in a row, the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is a proud charity partner of Battle Cancer Dubai.

Help the brave young kids at CCCL through taking on the Battle Cancer Challenge on Saturday, 9 March 2024 at The Sevens Stadium - Dubai.



Battle Cancer Dubai is a one-day endurance fundraiser that brings together participants with a love for fitness and training, as well as a desire to fight cancer in Dubai and across the UAE.

The Battle Cancer Challenge is a global fitness event uniting individuals for one purpose: fighting cancer.

Push limits, test strength, and embrace teamwork in an exhilarating fitness challenge. All abilities welcome, our challenge is accessible to all, but easy for none.

Each step, lift, and jump represents solidarity and determination. Join our global community to make a difference, offering hope, strength, and support for those living with cancer.

Take on the Battle Cancer Challenge and together we can conquer cancer, one rep at a time.

Visit the Battle Cancer Website to learn more and view the fundraising pack:

About CCCL:

Inaugurated in April 2002, the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is a regional reference NGO pioneering in providing access to treatment for children with cancer, at no cost to their parents and with complete dependency on donations.

We currently have around 500 patients under treatment covered by CCCL, from few months to 18 years old, with an average cure rate exceeding 80%.

The treatment usually lasts 3 years, with costs that can range from 40,000 USD up to 200,000 USD in certain cases; hence, a yearly need of 15 million USD.

Until now, the center has supported in the treatment of around 5,000 children since year 2002.

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Less than 4 days left until Battle Cancer Dubai Crossfit Challenge!

We invite you to share the fundraisers on your social media as it's the best way to reach a wider audience and get your friends, family and colleagues to support your team.

Let's save lives this week!

Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon
United Arab Emirates

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