Be a Smile Hero! Buy a Bear!

Kashika Sonone
United Arab Emirates

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I wanted to share something that touched my heart deeply. I saw pictures of kids who are going through really tough times, facing surgeries and challenges that no child should have to endure. It broke my heart to see them looking so scared and vulnerable.

I couldn't just sit there and do nothing. I wanted to bring some warmth, comfort, and smiles into their lives. So, I thought of teddy bears. Those soft, huggable bears that have a magical way of making everything feel a little bit better.

I can't do this alone, though. I need your help. Your support could mean the world to these kids. It could mean a moment of respite, a glimpse of hope, and a feeling that they're not alone.

Please, let's do this together. Let's make their journey a little less scary and a lot more hopeful. Your kindness can make a world of difference.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for caring."

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Kashika Sonone
United Arab Emirates

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تم الإنشاء Jul 29, 2023

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  • Bharti Srivastava


    Great initiative Kashika. Well done!

  • Shrikant Shenoy


  • Avinash


    I wanted to say how proud I am of your kindness and compassion. It's truly heartwarming to see someone as young as you taking initiative to make a difference in the lives of others. Your efforts to collect donations for children in need are both admirable and inspiring. Remember that even small contributions can have a big impact, and every act of kindness matters. Keep up the fantastic work, and know that you are making the world a better place with your actions.