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Medium of the print: Inkjet with coating of lacquer

Dimensions: 85 cm X 60 cm

The Prints

Jimmy Engineer paints a variety of themes and has done landscapes, still life paintings, cultural paintings, religious paintings seascapes, calligraphy, philosophy of colors, miniatures, abstracts, historical paintings, and self-portraits.

The auction here has prints of his paintings, where he has mastered many mediums and from realism (landscape, still life, abstract et all) to calligraphy, in water, oil, pastels etc, be it on canvas, wood or ceramics, he has explored and introduced numerous textures in his works and the amazing versatility is more than evident in his creations.

About the Artist

Jimmy Engineer was born in 1954 in Balochistan (Loralai), Pakistan. His Parsi family could not have known then that he would grow up to break all barriers of caste and creed and truly define multi-ethnicity through his art and altruism.His art pieces soon became expressions of truth and his images began to speak of his compassion for the people he saw.

Although an artist by profession, Jimmy Engineer’s life has revolved around supporting troubled individuals as well as social work institutions, though he himself prefers to remain undocumented and unsung.

There is nobody that encapsulates the chaotic diversity of the 1947 Indian Partition, which displaced approximately 14 million people, leading to violence, destabilisation and lifelong trauma. His famous canvas works, portray similar scenes of ordinary humanity matched amongst militaristic disaster. No one person looks the same, or wears the same clothes, or is doing exactly the same thing. They are together, moved and moulded by their struggle; but ultimately very different, divided by their differences as individuals. We could all do well to remember the lives of these historic people, and carry the image of such paintings in our minds when we think about refugees.

Jimmy’s art has been sought after by museums and private art collectors from around the world including in Italy, France, Switzerland, Russia, India, China, England, USA, and the Middle East. In Pakistan, his works are on permanent exhibit at the National Gallery, Islamabad and the Alhamra Permanent Gallery, Lahore. Several postage stamps have been issued of his paintings.

Though he already has over 3000 paintings and more than 1000 calligraphies over 1500 drawings to his name besides the 700,000 prints in private collection in more than 60 countries.

About the Cause

There are 40.3 million people estimated to be in modern slavery. COVID-19 is severely impacting efforts to end modern slavery, forced labour, human trafficking, and child labour, as countries committed to in SDG Target 8.7.

There is a heightening of risks for those most marginalised and already exploited, especially the most vulnerable sections of society, already excluded from adequate healthcare, education etc.

The crisis will amplify some of the major drivers of modern slavery, such as poverty and financial crisis. The International Labour Organisation reports that the economic and labour crisis, created by COVID-19, may see global unemployment increase by almost 25 million.

And it is children who are the worst sufferers. 20 million children who were in school will never go back and will be pushed to the brink of lifelong exploitation and slavery if we fail to save them now.

2021 has been designated the UN International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, yet we now expect to see the first increase in child labour in decades. To stop this from happening, we have partnered with the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation on the Fair Share to End Child Labour Campaign which unites Nobel Laureates, leaders across faiths, civil society, the world’s largest youth organisations, trade unions, policymakers, multilateral institutions, and progressive business champions across the world. Survivors and children remain at the heart of the campaign, as their voices are the most sacred and powerful.

Through our strong and robust network and action-based partnerships, the Global Sustainability Network is fighting for the protection and the rights of all children. By supporting this cause, you will directly help to fight child labour, child slavery and all forms of child exploitation.


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Global Sustainability Network
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Created Apr 13, 2021


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