The Hourglass by SAY Studio

Surge for Water
United Arab Emirates


Design has been a unique form of self-expression that has shifted through windows of time, in boldness. This piece signifies the unseen facets of the heavy influence of time on design and the recurring interplay of ideologies from the past, present and future. It can be seen through its overall form, abstract Hourglass shape and the interactive element that allows for it to act as an hourglass. That being said, the Hourglass showcases one key timeline that has moved through many eras and expressed its timeless nature regardless of it’s bold character – the 1920s Art Deco era. The movement rose during a time of war and was defying in its expression at its time. In essence, the nature of that can be seen in what we strive to achieve in art and design today. The Hourglass celebrates these characteristics through it’s overall bold geometric shape, sharp lines and interplay of motifs. In addition to this, the interactive piece allows for sounds that mimic that of rain, subtly hinting at our stance with Surge for Water and the inequality of water access around the world.

Design Team: SAY Studio

Build Partner: Seekers Furnishings

Size: 300 x 300 x 550 mm

Funds raised from this sale will go towards Surge for Water's holistic, transformative work to bring safe water, sanitation & hygiene solutions to global communities most in need. Learn more:

Delivery is only possible in the UAE.


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Surge for Water
United Arab Emirates

Created Nov 16, 2023


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