The Totem Seat by DZ Design

Surge for Water
United Arab Emirates


The Totem Seat signifies the art and craftsmanship of design by narrating the story of the different decades that it is inspired by.

We are inspired by both traditional and modern design which shows the Eclecticism of the totem seat. Each side of the seat represents a certain style bringing out its individuality as part of a whole design.

The symmetrical curves and shape of bottles put together with by layering of similar looking bottles represents the Art Deco decade. We have also used the bottle caps for ornamentation.

The blend of natural and industrial materials that is achieved using similar looking bottles ( for the uniformity) and the colored sample tiles ( for the pop of color) brings in elements from Mid Century style.

The box silhouette makes the piece very simple bringing out the Minimalist style.

By collaboration with clients and contractors to upcycle the waste produce in different fields, we aim to spread the idea that upcycling is a creative way to give new life to old materials and a powerful way to reduce waste and make positive impacts.

Design Team: DZ Design

Build Partner: Carve

Size: 900 x 720 x 500 mm

Funds raised from this sale will go towards Surge for Water's holistic, transformative work to bring safe water, sanitation & hygiene solutions to global communities most in need. Learn more:

Delivery is only possible in the UAE.


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Surge for Water
United Arab Emirates

Created Nov 16, 2023


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