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 This is an ongoing campaign to help the families and children of the Gaza Strip in Palestine.  Israel’s siege of Gaza is hard for the children. Schools, usually Palestinians’ pride and joy, are often closed because of funding cuts, threats of war, and fear of COVID-19. Electricity, food, and water are in short supply. Because of Israel's blockade, there are no jobs.


But community activists continue to keep life going with our help. In return, they report true stories with pictures of life in Gaza, a perspective we don’t get from corporate media. We can see from their reports how much the beautiful children of Gaza love life.


Despite ongoing threats of war, our activist friends have been using our contributions to help the children. They have organized short getaway trips (within Gaza of course -- no one is allowed to leave) and bought them little gifts. They want to continue doing this so children will have hope.  They keep a semblance of normal life at times like Ramadan and Eid.


Israel’s siege cannot be total, because with leaders like our friends on the ground, we can bypass the blockade on the Internet. We're not just enabling them to survive, but to live and hope for the future.


My name is Emy Spero. I live in united arab emarites  and send all the money you give to Gaza, once or twice a month by Western Union. The money is used to buy things for children and sometimes to pay parents' water and electricity. We are in regular contact and I know from their pics that they use the money well. Please help us. This campaign replaces the one called Let Families in Gaza Live.


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United Arab Emirates

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