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Going back to school is an exciting time for children and families everywhere! As the new academic year approaches, children and their parents are busy buying school supplies and uniforms in preparation for a year full of excitement and promise. For many children and families that we support at The Big Heart Foundation (, the reality is somewhat different. Thousands of families that we support are not able to afford tuition fees or even the cost of the most basic of school supplies for their children. This Back to School season, we invite you to join hands with us to make sure that our children are fully equipped for a new year with endless possibilities.

Where will your donations go?

100% of the donations you give will be going towards the 2 TBHF initiatives below:

1. School Supplies for TBHF Educational Center students in Sharjah, UAE

Your donations will be used to provide each of our 200+ students at the center with the school supplies listed below:

- 1 pack of 12 Pencils

- 5 Pens

- Erasers

- Sharpeners

- Color pencils

- Geometry set

- 4 lined paper notebooks

- 1 Pencil case

- School bag / backpack

* We have set up an activation area at Al Zahia city center in Sharjah where you will be able to pick up a box and shop for the list of items above (approximate cost of the items on the list is 250 AED). You can also add a message on the box to the student receiving it wishing them luck for the new academic year. You can find more information about the activation on our website ( and our different social media channels.

2. Furniture and school supplies for TBHF Girls Secondary School in Kalobeyei Settlement, Kenya

The Big Heart Foundation has constructed a Girls Secondary School in a refugee camp in Kenya. We are currently fundraising online to furnish the boarding school and provide our students with school supplies as well. Your donations will be used to secure some of the items below:

- Desks and chairs for students

- School supplies for students

- Textbooks for each student

- Equipment and materials for sports facilities

- Books and tablets for the school library


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The Big Heart Foundation
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