Battle Cancer CrossFit Challenge

Al Jalila Foundation
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Battle Cancer, Dubai

Al Jalila Foundation is delighted to be the charity partner of Battle Cancer who have demonstrated their incredible commitment to promote cancer awareness through sport and fundraise for charities worldwide.

Al Jalila Foundation supports medical research and patient treatment for a number of health challenges, including cancer. According to studies, cancer is the third leading cause of death in the UAE with approximately 4,500 new cases of cancer reported every year. Advances in research give us hope that cancer can be beaten and at Al Jalila Foundation we fund pioneering research to get one step closer to a cure. Since 2013, Al Jalila Foundation has funded 43 cancer research projects and helped hundreds of vulnerable patients receive quality medical treatment in the UAE.

100% of the proceeds from the Battle Cancer, Dubai campaign will support research and treatment to give hope to cancer patients.

Every donation makes a difference.

For more information on Battle Cancer visit:

    19 March 2022  

    8am to 6pm

    NAS Sports Complex, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, UAE


Al Jalila Foundation
United Arab Emirates

Raised : 108708.87AED
Raised 109%
Goal : 100,000.00AED

Created Dec 27, 2021

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