"The Prophet (pbuh) said, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.” Give Back This Ramadan

Ethar Relief | Can we feed an ENTIRE refugee camp this Ramadan?


The urgent need

Feeding the residents of Um Gargour and Kilo 26 refugee camps will literally save lives. There are many deaths, especially of children, every year in these places from malnutrition and weakness. Refugees have no money to buy food, and no stable means to feed their families.

Their lives are not like ours - we can go and shop in nearby supermarkets for all kinds of food; they have no access to even the most basic services. In the refugee camps, finding food and bringing it back for your family is a matter of bitter survival.

Over the past 15 years, Ethar Relief has been providing aid and distributing your donations to deserving, forgotten refugees. We have a permanent presence in the region and its camps, and are grateful for the trust that the refugees have placed in us. We’ve calculated that 3,200 food packs will feed the whole population of both camps for the entire month of Ramadan!

What better feeling is there, than to fulfil the need of a hungry family? Then imagine if we, all together, fulfilled the need of an entire community? How great would that deed be?

​This Ramadan, we’re going by the motto: Give Happy, Get Happy. The more you share your joy, the better you’ll feel yourself. And just think of the smiles on the faces of the refugees!

All this possibility of reward – and in the Holy Month of Ramadan? Don’t wait! Help us reach the target and let’s feed thousands of refugees in East Sudan.

Who will your legacy help?

The refugee camps of East Sudan and the surrounding villages are built upon lands afflicted by various climate difficulties, disasters, and outbreaks of disease. Additionally, refugees and displaced people arrive daily, fleeing conflicts in nearby countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti. In this region, there just aren’t enough resources to sustain all the people in all the camps, and charities like Ethar Relief are needed to keep people alive and in shelter.

Refugees and poor dwellers of surrounding areas walk miles on foot daily looking for food and water. Countless children are among those who do this in the blazing heat. In summer, temperatures reach well over 40°C. This Ramadan will be the hottest in recent times in the refugee camps, on account of it falling in the peak summer period for East Sudan.   

What your donation provides

Here’s what each of the 3,200 food packs will contain:

    25kg Flour
    10kg Sugar
    6kg Lentils
    2kg Dates
    800g Concentrated Fruit Powder
    5kg Soup (mixed beans)
    2Ltr Cooking Oil

The packs contain everything needed to keep the average family nutritionally healthy.

But, your donation of a food pack provides so much more than just food:

- It puts a smile on the face of a refugee parent worried about their family’s health.
- It enables a child to keep attending school, because they have a full stomach.
- It stops disease and malnutrition, which helps children grow without physical problems.
- It keeps an elderly person’s dignity and saves them from wasting away.
- It boosts hope and belief in a better future.
- It shows the refugee community that somewhere, far away, a kind person has thought of them this Ramadan.

Please give as much as you can. 

With your help we can meet this challenge, and even exceed our target. There is no limit to kindness or sharing of happiness!

Who are Ethar?

We are a UK-registered charity established to help refugees, displaced and disadvantaged people in the Horn of Africa region. Ethar Relief was set up more than a decade ago by former refugees from Eritrea who were liberated from refugee camps in East Sudan. We want to end the suffering that we know exists in these places.

2021 signifies our 15th year providing humanitarian help to refugees.

Today, in addition to providing aid and a comprehensive programme of development projects, Ethar Relief strives to raise awareness of refugees in the region, who are considered to have been forgotten by the international community. The UN Refugee Agency states that international aid for the vast number of refugees that flee conflict in the region is inadequate, and much more needs to be done to avert the ongoing humanitarian crisis in East Africa.


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