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10-year-old Karim collapsed on the football pitch during a routine training session, gripped by searing chest pain. It was later revealed that he had suffered from cerebral edema, a very serious and life-threatening condition.

In that terrifying moment, Karim's 12-year-old brother's quick response, recalling their father's CPR training, proved instrumental in buying crucial time as they raced Karim to the hospital. After spending 15 days in the ICU and undergoing numerous tests, doctors determined that an ablation procedure, a delicate surgery to correct a heart abnormality, offered Karim the best chance of survival.

Karim needs comprehensive rehabilitation and specialised support to reclaim the life he once knew. Nevertheless, he tackles each obstacle with the same determination he displayed on the football field. His small victories – from tentative steps to steady strides – serve as a testament to the human spirit's resilience in overcoming adversity.

The road to recovery is fraught with emotional and financial challenges, as the strain of Karim’s medical needs surpasses their insurance coverage. Karim’s family is hopeful that the community will rally together to support their precious son.

This is a story of brotherly love and how preparedness for emergencies can save lives. "Karim's strength is our inspiration, but we cannot face this alone. Your support can help ensure his continued progress and recovery."

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