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Faris Saadaat
United Arab Emirates


I am Faris Saadaat and I have chosen to be a Youth Ambassador for Indus Hospital

As it is a popular saying 'health is wealth' and though it seems very basic it gives large meaning to our life as health is undoubtedly most valuable for every individual. Keeping that in perspective, it is the basic right of every individual to have access to timely, acceptable and affordable healthcare of high quality. Yet every year millions of people around the world are faced with severe challenges of receiving the adequate healthcare due to lack of adequate medical facilities and because they can't afford it. 

This is where Indus Hospital has played a huge role in the last 13 years. With a network of 12 state-of-the-art hospitals across Pakistan, it is a ray of hope for millions of less priviledged people of Pakistan, including children, who do not have access to quality healthcare by providing. 

Indus Hospital has also been in the forefront in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting the Government of Pakistan as well as setting up facilities within their existing hospitals for COVID patients. 

In order to continue to make a difference in the lives of millions of people we need your support. Donations to Indus Hospital are zakat eligible so in this blessed month please come forward and give your zakat to Indus Hospital. 

To show my passion and commitment to this I will be updating my website on the environment every 2 weeks

you can access the website from this link

Meet Minahil

“You have Cancer" when these words echoed in my ear, I went numb. I couldn’t think of anything. I wanted to shout, cry and express my displeasure of this unfortunate situation. But then I looked at my mother, who seemed more broken by this news than me. And so, I kept my emotions within me.

This is the story of Minahil, a 17 year old Pakistani cancer survivor who fought against this disease and rewrote her destiny!

Cancer Knows No Age

Around 8,000 children in Pakistan under the age of 18 are diagnosed with cancer every year. That’s 8,000 young lives affected; 8,000 mothers praying they don’t have to bury their child.

Minahil Was Diagnosed With Cancer In 2017

Minahil was heartbroken when she heard about her diagnosis, not just because she didn’t quite understand if she can survive it, but knowing her parent’s financial limitation that they won't be able to afford the treatment.

Minahil felt trapped not being able to share her condition with her friends because of the social taboo associated with cancer being thought as a contagious disease. As her friends learnt about her condition, they began to distance themselves from her thus leaving her isolated from the outside world. She was depressed.

Fortunately, her family was referred to Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), and that’s when her life changed for the best.

Indus Hospital & Minahil

Minahil is now a 21-year-old cancer survivor who has emerged as a spirited individual. She is studying hard to get her medical degree, actively working towards making a change by advocating for healthcare awareness and working with NGOs to help the youth of the nation.

Minahil’s survival solely depended on access to treatment, which was made possible because of the generosity & support of Indus Hospital & Health Network donors.

Indus Hospital continues it's mission to provide free of cost quality care to the underprivileged & thrives to serve more Pediatric Oncology Patients every year. 

Be Indus Hospital Youth Ambassador & Save Lives Of Pediatric Cancer Patients

All you have to do is start a fundraiser for us and spread the word! You don’t have to be a survivor to stand up for this, you just have to have the heart and motivation to save unprivileged lives.

To ensure long term sustainability of treatment, we need YOUR support!

The reality of many Pakistanis

21% of the population is below the poverty line. Access to quality healthcare is considered a luxury which middle and lower class families can’t afford. The choice is between survival of the whole family vs. saving life of one.

Could you imagine the helplessness these families experience? Affordable healthcare is a basic human right.

The Solution

Every child deserves a chance to live life to the fullest, to grow up and experience the joys of life. Cancer strips that away from them. This is a horrible tragedy. Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), a network of 12 hospitals, has already treated 10,500 children for life threatening blood diseases and cancer for FREE and many more lives are waiting to be saved.

Here at IHHN, we provide quality care, free of cost. IHHN’s vision is to create an excellence-driven, comprehensive, compassionate, free of charge, and replicable healthcare system accessible to all. We do not stand for discrimination. We believe every life should be treated equally, with equal opportunities.

Because we are a free healthcare system, we rely on your donations to help us achieve that vision.

Start a fundraiser today and be Indus Hospital Youth Ambassador, because "Your, decision to participate" will save a life.


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Faris Saadaat
United Arab Emirates

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Created May 01, 2021

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