Indus Flood Relief Effort

Amal Peracha
United Arab Emirates


The floods across Pakistan have negatively affected the lives of many.

Hi, I'm Amal and I'm a student at GEMS Wellington International School as well as an Indus Hospital Youth Ambassador. As an aspiring doctor, I believe health is one of the most vital parts of our lives. With good health, we are able to go about our day and get through challenges and any problems we undergo, working hard to overcome difficulties. The deadly floods across Pakistan have placed many lives in danger and Pakistan need your help to raise funds. Every contribution makes a difference.

Indus hospital is providing the opportunity to play a role in overcoming this disaster.

Indus Hospital is actively engaged in emergency relief efforts throughout Pakistan.

Your support and donations, no matter the size, will create an incredible impact and help fund the necessary supplies to aid those in need who have been affected. Every donation, even if it seems minor will play an enormous role in the overcoming of this catastrophe. Remember, this is your opportunity to help Pakistan.

Pakistan NEEDS YOU!

Indus Response:

So far IHHN has set up 162 Medical Camps across Pakistan and served 90,618 patients:             

Your URGENT help and generous donations are needed to alleviate Human suffering.

Sponsor 1 patient AED 20

Sponsor 5 patients AED 100

Sponsor 10 patients AED 200

Sponsor 50 patients AED 1000 


Amal Peracha
United Arab Emirates

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