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The Indus Hospital
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Do you know that each year, the deadly disease called cancer impacts the lives of over 10,000 young souls in Pakistan? Half of these children are left without access to even basic healthcare, and of those who do manage to enter treatment, an overwhelming 70% can't even complete it. While developed countries report an 80% survival rate for pediatric cancer, Pakistan's number stands at a mere 35%.

Committed to Saving Lives Together, the Indus Hospital & Health Network is steadfast in its resolve to change this disheartening scenario. Our comprehensive Pediatric Oncology Department offers more than medical interventions; it also includes mental health support and provides accommodations for families in desperate situations. With over 12,000 pediatric cancer patients treated at no cost, Indus Hospital & Health Network stands as a pillar of hope for countless families.

Cancer shouldn't rob any child of their right to a joyful childhood. Your partnership with IHHN can bring transformative change in these vulnerable lives. Whether you help by raising awareness or through financial contributions, together we can grant these children the life-altering gift of a second chance, enabling them to pursue their dreams unhindered. So come and join our cause as we battle this devastating disease together!

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Maryum is a creative and passionate young girl. When she was diagnosed with cancer, her family faced a period of immense hardship and emotional turmoil. Despite the challenges, Maryum remained steadfast, undergoing treatment at Indus Hospital & Health Network and nurturing her artistic skills by painting during her time at the hospital.

The journey not only brought her back to health but also deepened her love for her art, which he later auctioned to support IHHN!

This is Maryum's incredible story!


The Indus Hospital
United Arab Emirates

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