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The Indus Hospital
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No child deserves to have their life disrupted by cancer. In Pakistan, 10,000 children’s lives are affected by this lethal disease every year. Half of these kids are never able to access healthcare and out of those who do, 70% are unable to complete treatment. The childhood cancer survival rate in developed countries is 80%, but in Pakistan, it is only 35%.

Indus hospital & Health Network is on a determined course to change this. Its Paediatric Oncology Department provides holistic cancer treatment, which not only includes medical intervention but also provides mental health counselling and housing to patients who are in need. Indus Hospital & Health Network has treated over 12,000 children with cancer – absolutely free of cost!

Together, you and IHHN can make a difference in the lives of such children and give them the opportunity to chase their dreams. Help us in raising awareness and collecting donations that will enable the free treatment of these children and give them a second chance at life!

Sponsor 1 Chemotherapy Session AED100

Sponsor 3 Chemotherapy Sessions AED300

Sponsor 5 Chemotherapy Sessions AED500

Sponsor 10 Chemotherapy Sessions AED1000


Fatima is a studious and ambitious young girl who dreams of serving her country when she grows up. Her cancer diagnosis left her family devastated. But she didn’t lose hope and underwent treatment at Indus Hospital & Health Network, while also continuing her education at the hospital’s school!

The treatment not only saved her life but fuelled her ambitions even further.

This is Fatima’s inspiring story!


The Indus Hospital
United Arab Emirates

Raised : 143173.92AED
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Goal : 150,000.00AED

Created Mar 17, 2023

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