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Lebanon Emergency: A heartbreaking reality

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A heartbreaking reality

Despite the enormous donations pouring into Lebanon, 60,000 badly-impacted families are being missed in the chaos and left to find their way out of an impossible catastrophe… Samira’s family is one of them.

Samira, 50 years old, unemployed, lives in a low-income neighborhood in northeastern Beirut located only 2 kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion at the port of Beirut.

The explosion caused significant damages to the building, built by Samira’s grand-father in the early 60’s, threatening the lives of five different families living there.

“It all happened in a matter of seconds – what felt like a nightmare suddenly became a reality; we almost lost everything. There are five kids and three elderly people of which one is disabled, the situation is alarming! ”, she says.

Injured and with no financial means, Samira has desperately reached out to us to help her rebuild her home ahead of the winter season.

How can we help Samira?

At this point, any support to these families will go a long way. Those who can help and are willing to contribute may do so via this fundraising page.

Donate today. Your small change can make a big difference. Suggested donations:

$ 100 USD

$200 USD

$500 USD

However big or small the donation is, it will all contribute to the fundraising goal of $40,000.00 we are attempting to raise. This amount will help rebuild the home of Samira and the other five families, allowing them to live safely.

Lebanese diaspora has proven goodwill helping out, now more than ever. No one should be left behind.


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Penny Appeal Middle East
United Arab Emirates

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