Longest Table Tennis Rally (World Record)

Will Darnell
United Arab Emirates


We are looking to break the World Record for the longest table tennis rally.

We are sports enthusiasts who are looking to turn our hobby into a world record. Dubai is a city that is passionate about breaking all kinds of records, so we would love to contribute by bringing a sporting record to the UAE. Since breaking this world record requires tremendous mental strength and focus, we would like to raise money for mental health charities/foundations to help those who suffer daily from mental health issues. We also believe this will help create more awareness around mental health in the UAE, where there isn't as much of a support system compared to the likes of the US, UK or Australia.

We will be looking to reach 9 hours of continuous rallying to beat the current record by at least 20 minutes.

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Will Darnell
United Arab Emirates

Fundraising for charity - Al Jalila Foundation
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Goal : 7,000.00AED
Created Sep 22, 2020

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