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“It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, and a day to love them, but it takes an entire lifetime to forget them.”

To honor the unforgettable memories of all the special women who battled breast cancer, I’ve decided to start a campaign to raise awareness and spread the importance of early detection. It should be our number one priority to get checked, especially when the disease is treatable at an earlier stage.

My Dearest aunt, a woman who we lost after battling cancer, was one of the strongest and affectionate women I was lucky to have. She was an angel on earth who dedicated her entire life to giving back to her community and helping others, whilst raising my cousins, myself and my kids. Her endless love and support helped me become a better mother. Through her many charitable actions, I learnt how to be kind and to give to the people in need. A woman with a soft nature as hers, was rare.

Throughout her treatments, she remained courageous and graceful. Her tender heart was ever so faithful to her prayers and beliefs. A woman who always had a smile on her face, she truly was an inspiration to everyone who knew her and I will always be so grateful to have lived with her and got her amazing learnings and values.

It is because of her that I learned to talk openly about healthy habits to my family and people I meet. As my children see how much I emphasize the importance of checkups and health, I want to spread awareness to all women, and educate them on how important it is to get checked. Knowing breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, we must be cautious of our lives, take care of each other and help women who are fighting this battle.

To my childhood friend and her family & kids who lost her a few months ago my prayers will always be with you, you were the reason that we all know fighting this battle is not easy.

To my dearest friend who is away on a treatment trip, my heart is with you, and I know that you can fight through this. You are a warrior.

To you reading this, make your commitment with me. If not for yourself, then for your loved ones.

Losing a loved one is a terrible pain to endure so get up and get your checkup done with The Pink Caravan!

I have chosen to donate all the proceedings to The Pink Caravan, as their mission aligns with mine.

Our goal is to spread awareness about the importance of self breast examination amongst the UAE community and to provide access to clinical breast examinations, mammography and further breast cancer screening investigation, for women and men within the UAE community.

For women and men who are fighting this battle, we stand with you! You are a survivor and a fighter. Always remember you are loved. Have hope, and NEVER GIVE UP


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My Home Closet
United Arab Emirates

Fundraising for charity - Friends of Cancer Patients
Raised : 4,070.00AED
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Goal : 10,000.00AED
Created Oct 06, 2021

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