Ramadan Food Boxes for drought victims

Ikram Charitable Foundation


This project aims to provide four hundred Ramadan food baskets to benefit the families most affected by the current drought in the Republic of Somalia, which has led to many deaths and threatens the lives of more than three million people, according to official and unofficial statistics. The project is led by the Ikram Charitable Society, license No. 0130 from the Somali Ministry of Interior, which is currently stationed in the areas of displacement in the Lower Shabelle region, in order to deliver aid as quickly as possible and to investigate the cases most in need of support.

Project goals:

Fighting famine in Somalia by providing Ramadan food baskets to the stricken families so that they can survive the severe drought that is currently hitting the country.

Project outputs:

  • A food basket for each stricken family that will suffice it throughout the month of Ramadan
  • A flyer documenting the distribution and delivery process
  • A report on the entire project, invoices for purchasing operations, and contracts of project workers, audited by an entity independent of the association.

Project Scope:

• In-scope:

  1. Survey of the most affected and poor families who are unable to obtain food during the month of Ramadan.
  2. Effectively managing inventory and verifying the arrival of receivables from Ramadan food baskets to the targeted families.
  3. Photographing and documenting all distribution and delivery processes in pictures and videos, and then sharing them with donors and social media.

• Out of Scope:

  1. Families without children
  2. Families that have been sponsored by one of the programs of the Ikram Charitable Association
  3. Modification of the objectives or frameworks of the project

Project background:

Many of the afflicted families are threatened with famine and many of them have lost their lives as a result. As the Holy Month approaches and coincides with the season of summer, there is an urgent need to provide humanitarian support for it so that it can obtain what it nourishes and quenches its thirst during the blessed month. Many of them have been displaced from their homes and lands, and they are now living scattered within the country. According to unofficial statistics, their number may reach 2 million people, most of whom are children and women.

Benefits and cost of the project:


  1.  The great reward and reward for each donor and giver.
  2.  Reducing the risk of starvation surrounding the life of the target family.
  3.  Enable the targeted family to have Iftar and Suhoor throughout the month of Ramadan.
  4.  Bringing joy to the hearts of poor families.
  5.  Relieve the distress of poor families.


  1. buy basic food
  2. Transferring purchases to stock
  3. Distribute them in the form of food baskets and then distribute them to the targeted families

• Required budget:

  1. $35,263

Project teams:

• Project funders

  1. every benefactor

• Project Executor

  1. Ikram Charitable Association

• Task Force

  1. Project manager
  2. Project Manager Assistant
  3. Distribution Volunteers

• other members

  1. Radio Afgoi
  2. YallaGive platform

Project success criteria:

  • Complete the project within the announced time
  • Fitting the project into the specified budget
  • The warehousing and distribution process will run smoothly


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