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Aaliya Burhan
United Arab Emirates


Responding Together to Covid-19

COVID 19 is a threat we are fighting together as a global community. We’ve been told again and again that the most effective way to fight COVID-19 is to maintain hand hygiene. But what do people do if they do not have access to clean water?

Not everyone is as lucky as you or me to have uninterrupted access to water. There are people living in the sub-Saharan African countries for whom water is a rare, precious, hard found commodity. This dearth of water affects their lives in many ways, including their health, education, economic status, the opportunities which are available to them, and a lot more, and now they have a new adversary to fight – COVID-19. Without access to clean water, they are more vulnerable than they were ever before. 

That’s why we have taken the pledge to support The Water Project, which is committed to solving this water crisis by building new wells, refurbishing neglected wells, constructing rain catchment tanks, and installing dams where appropriate. And we need your help. 

Your donations, big or small, will make a huge difference by providing safe and reliable water projects across sub-Saharan Africa. 

Together we can make a difference and protect the most vulnerable from COVID 19. We humbly request you to please contribute to this cause.

Thank You


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Aaliya Burhan
United Arab Emirates

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