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The inequality of education in Indonesia is still an issue that has not been resolved to this day. Poverty and the developing education system that is only centered in big cities are some of the factors. There are 4.5 million children in Indonesia (the majority comes from remote areas), who do not have the privilege of education due to limited funds.

This is being faced by 33 less fortunate students of Sabilillah Podang Madrasas, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. They are threatened with dropping out of school. This school, which is located 50 KM from the city, is the only school in the area. All this time, the school's operational costs were borne as best they could by the principal, teachers, and also sincere funds from the parents themselves—who are just poor farmers and often fail to harvest due to a prolonged dry season.

Forced to study in classrooms with sand floors, clapboard walls, and tin roofs, and even some of the students only wearing makeshift clothes and no footwear does not stop their desire to learn.

Now they are in urgent need as they can no longer afford to pay school fees. They are threatened not to continue studying—which means they will be losing the opportunity to change their family life for the better.


Departing from the issue of tens of pupils being threatened with dropping out of school due to limited funds, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Foundation asks you to participate in giving scholarships to keep them continuing to study. The donations you channel will be fully converted into educational scholarship funds for them.

Let’s donate soon to keep their hopes for a bright future alive!


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