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SEED(sustainability, empowerment and economical development)
Syrian Arab Republic


2 women and 5 children in the country of exile where is no breadwinner

“The war in Syria robbed me of everything. I have now no home, no children, no husband," the mother said.

She mourns for herself and her grandchildren after they were afflicted and inhaled the stench of death in the homeland of Yalda, and they had been destined to survive and be the oar for themselves and their children.

 Their displacement and the martyrdom of their men in the war left nothing for them but darkness in. The new circumstances forced these women to continue in order to bring their children to safety while searching for someone to take their hand to launch a project that suits their abilities, experiences and circumstances. They believe that making sweets and selling them is an opportunity that would protect them from asking others for help and preserve their dignity.

The sweets project will not only be a source of livelihood, but it will overcome the bitterness of what this family has tasted.

Bring goodness and build a life!


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SEED(sustainability, empowerment and economical development)
Syrian Arab Republic

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